North Las Vegas Fire Department

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Fire Administration
4040 Losee Road 
North Las Vegas, Nevada 89030

Office (702) 633-1102
Fax (702) 399-8730

Hours of Operations:

Monday - Thursday 7:00AM - 5:00PM

Joseph Calhoun, Fire Chief

Travis Anderson, Deputy Fire Chief, Emergency Management & EMS Division

Justin Campbell, Deputy Fire Chief, Operations & Training Division

Donovan HansenBattalion Chief, Training Division

John Wright, Administrative Battalion Chief

Frank Simone, EMS Chief

Jeffrey Lomprey, CFI, P#1287, Commander, Fire Investigations Division

A Platoon Battalion Chiefs:
Ben Erickson, Battalion 5
Brandon Parry, Battalion 15

B Platoon Battalion Chiefs: 
Jeff HurleyBattalion 5
Rob Sanders, Battalion 15

C Platoon Battalion Chiefs:
Nick Bentley, Battalion 5 
Scott Morris, Battalion 15

Department Profile

The NLVFD is staffed by 170 uniformed and civilian employees who comprise the Administration, Support Services and Operations Divisions. 

NLVFD is an all hazards department providing 24 hour emergency response from 8 strategically located fire stations each day using 6 engines, 2 trucks, 2 advanced life support rescues, 1 air resource unit, and 2 Battalion Chiefs.

All calls for service are directed to the multi-agency Combined Communications Center (CCC) located at the Las Vegas Fire & Rescue Headquarters.  The CCC dispatches fire and emergency call requests for the North Las Vegas Fire Department, Clark County Fire Department and Las Vegas Fire & Rescue. All requests for service are dispatched by the CCC using a computer aided dispatch system which incorporates automatic vehicle locator technology to ensure the closest available unit responds regardless of locale.

NLVFD provides fire, rescue, emergency medical services (at the advanced life support level), provides fire and EMS training to all personnel, conducts fire prevention activities throughout the city of North Las Vegas which include code compliance inspections/enforcement, origin & cause investigations, public information and public education services.

In 2017, the NLVFD responded to 29,064 emergency incidents resulting in 33,835 unit responses with an average response time of 6 minutes and 5 seconds.  Average time for firefighters to put on their gear 1 minute and 3 seconds. The department conducted 180 fire/arson investigations. Public education activities reached over 573,174 citizens via 223 public education events.

NLVFD also provides technical rescue and hazardous materials services in various capacities which includes participation in the FEMA Nevada Task Force 1 response team, and decontamination services in support of the Las Vegas Hazardous Materials Team. 

Our Vision

We will be a leader in emergency services. We will be a diverse workforce that provides quality fire and life safety services through proactive and innovative training, education, risk assessment, and community involvement. We will be vigilant, brave, and prepared.

Mission Statement

To advance the City of North Las Vegas vision by providing dedicated emergency and community services in a professional manner.

Our Values

Noble - We will possess all the characteristics and qualities of professional fire and life safety emergency service providers.

Leadership - We believe in positive leadership with vision towards the future.  We will mentor and empower ethical leaders throughout the organization. We will conduct ourselves as leaders in the community.

Vigilant - We will diligently watch over ourselves, our family, and our community.

Family - We will remember: what affects one, affects all. 

Diligent - We will enthusiastically complete all tasks safely and with detailed perseverance. We promote fiscal responsibility and accountability.
Professionalism - We will remain skilled, knowledgeable, and ready to serve. We believe training and education are the foundation of professionalism.

Respect - We will treat others with compassion, in a dignified and courteous manner.

Integrity - We will conduct ourselves in a way that brings honor and respect to our profession. We believe that maintaining public, personal, and professional trust is paramount.

Diversity - We will embrace diversity and foster a workforce reflective of our community.

Excellence - We will continually strive for performance that surpasses all expectations. We believe that a quick and safe response, training, education, and preparedness are the keys to excellence.

Our Motto

Our City, Our People, Our Duty